2020 Backyard Inspiration (With Pictures)

This year, it’s time to upgrade your backyard. Sometimes a block of green grass enclosed inside a fence is just well… boring. Our team at York Companies think that your yard should also get a New Years makeover (new year, new yard). If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading for some 2020 backyard inspiration to revamp your outdoor space. 

A pool with fountains

Now you could just get a pool or you could get a pool with dazzling fountains. A pool fountain is a great feature you can add to your backyard that is actually more attainable than you might’ve thought. 

A patio with an outdoor kitchen

Put the bonfire away; it’s time for an upgrade. You can make your outdoor kitchen as big or small as you want. But regardless of size, you’re sure to discover your inner Emeril, and you won’t have to worry about burning your house down. 

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A long dining table

This 2020 backyard inspiration is maybe the easiest to get done, but it comes with tons of benefits. Adding a dining table can make hosting summer dinners incredibly fun. You can gather your friends and family under the stars. You can even get creative with string lights, plants, and other decorations. 

A vine-laced pergola

Pergolas are not only a great way to shade your backyard, they also help create a unique ambiance to your space. You can grow plants and vines around it to really make your yard look and feel more exotic. 

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Let York Companies help with your 2020 backyard inspiration

Give your backyard the upgrade it deserves. If you need more help with 2020 backyard inspiration for your Kansas City home, our outdoor living experts at York Companies are always here to help. Whether you want to add a fountain to your pool or build an outdoor kitchen, our dedicated team will ensure that you’ll be proud to show off your yard. 

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