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Are You Working with the Best Swimming Pool Builder in Kansas City?

To help you determine if you’re working with the best swimming pool builder in Kansas City, here are the factors you should consider:

  • Evaluate the Swimming Pool Builder. There are a lot of swimming pool builders in Kansas City and it’s important to do your research.  Check out their website, take a look at their completed projects, and ask to hear from their customers to see if they were happy with the job or not.
  • What if Something Goes Wrong?  Ask your swimming pool builder what happens if something goes wrong.  We all hope that the installation will be perfect, but sometimes it’s important to know what to expect when something goes wrong.  The best swimming pool builder should stand behind his work.  Ask to speak to customers whose projects had a hiccup to see if they were happy about how it was handled.
  • Is the builder certified?  Your swimming pool builder should have a general contractor’s license as some of the work they perform will require permits from the city.  Also you will want to make sure they are complying with safety standards and certifications and that they understand the design and architecture behind the pool they are about to install.
  • Good Business Ratings. Check with the Better Business Bureau to uncover if there have been any complaints.  The best swimming pool builder in Kansas City should have a strong record with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Years of Experience.  How many years (or combined years) of experience does your builder have?  At Pools by York, we have a combined 70 years of swimming pool experience.  Can your builder top that?
  • Innovative and Versatile Design. You’ll want to make sure that your swimming pool builder can work with the layout of your backyard and customize a pool that will work for your home and your family.  Because there are many different swimming pool builders in Kansas City, you’ll want to make sure that the architecture and design of the pool you build will stand the test of time, and not just be a trend that fades.

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