At Pools by York, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to all your wishes and ideas for your new outdoor living space. As avid outdoorsmen ourselves, the Pools by York team is passionate about bringing all the benefits of outdoor living to families in Kansas City. Read more about our fine-tuned process that turns your dreams into a reality below!

1. Planning & Design

Our experts at Pools by York will sit down with you to go through the planning and design phase of your fiberglass pool.  We listen to your desires and needs then incorporate those wishes into the design and concept. We will explain each phase of installing your fiberglass pool, answer all of your questions, and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Our team at Pools by York is dedicated to giving you the best and most quality service to meet and exceed your expectations!

2. Excavation & Gravel Foundation

We will use a ZIP level to determine how high the pool will need to set in the yard so that we know how deep to dig the hole. A dig sheet that is provided by the pool manufacturer tells us how deep the hole needs to be at certain points. Throughout the process of digging we check the depth of each of these points to ensure the proper depth is met for each point. The hole is about a foot larger than the outside of the pool and about 3-1/2 inches deeper than the pool depth. This is to accommodate 3-1/2 inches of gravel in the hole which is the foundation the pool will rest on. The foundation of the fiberglass pool is a crucial part of the step as it prevents the pool from shifting or settling over time. The layer of gravel is placed in the hole for the pool to rest on. We use a ZIP level to get the gravel to the exact elevation. The solid foundation will ensure that the fiberglass pool is structurally sound.


The fiberglass pool will be pre-plumbed prior to gravel backfill. Plumbing the pool involves the pool pump and the filter. The pump is responsible for circulating the water and the filter will help maintain the cleanliness of the pool by removing leaves, bugs, and other debris. The filter system also controls the flow of the water, salt water chlorinators (if applicable), a switch for the pool lights, and the heater (if applicable). The placement of the filter system varies, but typically is placed near the house or somewhere that is not noticeable. All of our pools come with top of the line Pentair equipment for our plumbing & filter systems.

4. Backfilling, Coping & Decking

Once the plumbing of the fiberglass pool is complete the next step is to begin filling the pool and backfilling the perimeter of the pool with gravel. Simultaneously, the fiberglass pool will be filled with water while the gravel fills the outside. This is done to minimize the pressure. After the pool is filled we can begin circulating the water. The fiberglass pool will then need an inspection before moving on to the next phase. The patio plays an important role because it secures the pool and locks it into place. Also to assist in preventing future structural problems the coping binds the patio and pool together. A fence is required for every in ground pool and it must completely enclose the pool.

5. Enjoy!

Your pool is complete and it's time to jump in and enjoy! We thrive on turning your dreams into a reality. At Pools by York, we take pride in our work and strive to give your family a beautiful and quality pool! We hope you have enjoyed this process as much as we have!