2022’s Trending Kitchen Designs

A new year means new trends! A kitchen is the heart of a home — it’s where you spend time cooking, eating, and relaxing with loved ones most, so loving the space will elevate your day-to-day. Our kitchen remodeling team has dug through Pinterest to find some jaw-dropping new kitchen aesthetics. Here are some trending kitchen designs we think you’ll fall in love with:


You’ve probably heard of “cottagecore” fashion already this year, but cottagecore kitchens are on a whole new level! This style is anything but minimalistic. Cottagecore is all about natural woods, pale colors, windows, and plants. Keep things open with window cabinets or floating wall shelves. Mixing woods is encouraged! This aesthetic is lived in and has all your cooking tools on display and ready to go! Pick out some fun vintage or gold pots and pans to store alongside hanging plants for a finishing touch.

Green is in ????

2022’s color is green. A deep, rich green creates a sense of comfort in your kitchen, much like a traditional home library. Whether you want to paint your cabinets or opt for a centerpiece backsplash, these green trending kitchen designs are sure to spice up your space. Make room for wall storage to keep the space feeling ready-to-use. Deep emeralds go beautifully with darker wood colors, gold accents, and even colorful stained glass. 

Parisian modern

For more modern homes, parisian inspired kitchens are the perfect sleek but warm cooking and entertaining space. This aesthetic balances black and white cabinets and walls with a hint of natural wood. For added visual interest, checkerboard tiles are only growing in popularity. Oriental rugs and antique-like appliances, cookware, and lighting will make your house the new dinner party go-to.

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