The 3 Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home but want to make sure it reaches its highest market potential, you may consider remodeling or renovating your home to increase your home’s value. This decision should be weighed by understanding the ROI, or return on your investment. 


Below are the top three best home improvements to increase value and get a good ROI according to HGTV


Bathroom renovation

Since bathrooms are such a vital but small space, they cost less than a kitchen to remodel. With a bathroom remodel, you can make upgrades like converting a small shower to a larger, wider one. Other options are swapping out outdated countertops for something new and neutral, like quartz, and updating the sink and toilet.


Two easier cosmetic fixes are to re-caulk everything for a clean look and give the walls a fresh paint.



This is a surprising one, but you can recoup your investment into landscaping; it’s one of the best home improvements to increase value. Whether it’s adding a deck, revamping your patio, or sprucing up your yard’s landscaping, it will increase curb appeal and can help the sale of your home.


Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are one of the most costly home renovations, and you want to make sure you choose a design that will appeal to potential buyers in the long run. Certain aspects of kitchens get outdated quickly, like faucets and cabinets. Going with neutral colors and tones for countertops, cabinets, and floors is your best bet to adding value to your home with a kitchen renovation


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