3 Delicious Summer Recipes for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is a popular way to enjoy summer in Kansas City, but don’t limit yourself to the grill! An outdoor kitchen makes spending time outside and cooking for guests more easy and fun than ever. Whether you want to go for a small area by the bar with a mini-fridge and stove, or a full-on kitchen with an oven and all, we can help! You can enjoy some summer cocktails while you cook poolside, or “help” the cook ???? Here are some of our favorite summer recipes for your outdoor kitchen!

Shrimp scampi

This pasta is an easy-to-make crowd pleaser! It’s also great for summer because the lemon sauce is much lighter than a thick alfredo. Cook up some pasta, saute shrimp in garlic butter, white wine, & lemon, and voila! You can throw this on the stove while you get a suntan and keep an eye on the kids in the pool.

Vegetable risotto

We all know and love traditional risotto, but this version is more refreshing & perfect to enjoy in the heat. This fresh tomato and arugula risotto has the same classic creaminess with a twist. Add in some onions, mozzarella, and whatever fresh vegetables you want; top it off with some parmesan and enjoy with a cold glass of white wine! If you have a space for a small vegetable garden, those extra-fresh veggies will add something special to any recipe!

Strip steak with chimichurri

You don’t have to completely abandon the grill—satisfy those steak cravings! Evenly grill 1 ½ inch thick cuts, sear some asparagus & tomatoes, and serve. Opting for vegetable sides will feel less heavy to eat outside.

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