3 Patio Styles for Summer 2021

After another crazy year, we could all use a break this summer! As schools are finishing up and the weather continues to warm up, now is the perfect time to get your patio ready. Whether you’re building a new outdoor living space or just looking for new patio styles & inspiration, York Companies is here to help! Here are 3 hot patio styles for Summer 2021.

1. Modern entertainment space

Big modern patios are great for hosting gatherings! A sleek minimalist style creates an environment perfect for a number of events from family grad parties to a backyard concert. Sleek surfaces, stones, and furniture paired with modern landscaping is the perfect combo to achieve this look. 


A monochrome outdoor kitchen/bar area would go perfectly with this theme, but if you don’t have one or want to invest in building one – make one yourself! You can find a basic table and stools to set up on your porch or in the grass. Add some sleek dining ware and you’re ready for a dinner party or an at-home bar! The nice thing about these minimalistic patio styles is that it’s much simpler than finding twenty accessories that go together!

2. Poolside with a pergola

If you’re looking to create a relaxing beachside patio style, a pergola will add to the vacation vibe perfectly! Not only can a pergola provide shade from the sunny pool area, but it can also serve as a place to eat, snap pictures, or nap without worrying about getting a sunburn. Play with wood tones, decorate with exotic greenery, and get some colorful chairs, couches, and pillows and you won’t feel like you’re in Kansas anymore! This patio style is ideal for pool parties; you can check out York’s blog on trendy summer drinks to prepare!


Contact York Companies for not only the best patio contractors, but also pool builders in the Kansas City area! 

3. Boho meditation area

Looking to create a peaceful getaway right outside your home? A bohemian-inspired patio is a great way to achieve a calming space where you can meditate or read to the sounds of plants blowing in the wind. Combining Asian flowers, hanging trees, and suspended plants will create the perfect amount of greenery. As for decorations, you could find Buddha statues, relaxing fountains, printed rugs, and wood weave chairs to complete the look.

Come to York Companies for your new patio!

If you love these trendy patio styles or have something unique in mind for your home patio, look no further than York Companies. Our experts will collaborate with you in a way that takes the pressure off your shoulders but still involves you in the process! Get a free quote for your patio project today or contact us for more information.