3 Stunning Pool Water Feature Styles

Schools are starting to wrap up and summer is quickly approaching! Now is the perfect time to add some new water features to your pool & create the ultimate getaway. They are a beautiful addition, provide relaxing ambiance, and are fun for kids! The options are endless — especially when you add in pool lighting. Here’s 3 timeless pool water feature styles from the pool experts at York Companies in Kansas City.


Waterfalls are a popular choice, plus there are many styles you can choose from. You can create a more exotic/outdoorsy feel by adding natural-looking waterfalls to rocks that spill into the pool. For a more modern design, you can go with sleek stone waterfalls with a horizontal opening (also called scuppers) that create a thin sheet of water and provide a quieter sound. You can also get creative and use a statue, bowl, or other shape for water to flow out of. ????


Looking for smaller pool water feature styles? Sconces offer a much more narrow stream, and you can again choose the statue or shape it comes from and add lights to complete the mood! Think of a modern Miami pool or the pool at the Versace mansion — they have extravagant wall designs with small statues that let out a small stream. The Versace mansion uses a small head as the pool’s centerpiece with a single stream coming from the mouth to complete the luxurious aesthetic.

Spillover spas

One of the more subtle pool water feature styles is a spillover spa. A spillover spa refers to the water from a smaller raised pool or hot tub that spills over the edge in a sheer thin sheet into the main pool. This option is great for families; the kids can hang out in the small shallow pool or the adults could use it as a relaxing spa away from the splashing to keep an eye on the kids!

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