3 Things You Need to Know Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Kansas City

Ready to bring your outdoor living space to the next level? Outdoor kitchens are the perfect way to enjoy more time outside! They are especially useful if you spend your days around your at-home poolyou can keep an eye on little ones swimming while you cook, and enjoy meals with your feet in the water. Before you start building an outdoor kitchen in Kansas City, here are a few things the York Companies outdoor kitchen experts want you to know:

What contributes to the cost of an outdoor kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen in Kansas City is an investment, but therefore you can also get a return if/when you sell your home. The National Association of REALTORS® concluded that the average ROI is about 71%. House Logic provides some visual inspiration of how different budgets and sizes of outdoor kitchens can vary.


In our blog dedicated to budgeting for an outdoor kitchen, we explain that the size and materials are the main choices that affect price. After deciding what you want out of the space, you can decide the scale, location, and materials. Whether you want a complete kitchen with sinks, freezers, and ovens impacts choosing which styles and brands of appliances you want. You will also need access to plumbing and electrical outlets (for blenders, speakers, etc.), which can influence the location. 

How to manage weather changes

Since Kansas City experiences all four seasons, knowing how to protect your outdoor kitchen against harsh weather is vital to maintenance. When building an outdoor kitchen in Kansas City, remember to plan for buying covers and having storage space for your furniture. To winterize your kitchen before it begins to snow, you’ll need to cover countertops & grills, drain faucets, shut off gas lines, and empty fridges & freezers. 

The importance of creating a cohesive space

Choosing a style that flows with the style of your home will integrate your outdoor kitchen into the space. If you choose a minimalistic modern outdoor kitchen for your rustic home, they can feel like clashing  areas (and turn away potential buyers). Looking through HGTV’s slideshow of styles can help you decide which style to go with before you begin building. When designing, remember not to overwhelm the space with too many patterns/textures or cramming in too much furniture. The layout is key!

Start building an outdoor kitchen in Kansas City with help from York Companies

Ready to bring your vision to life and start enjoying your outdoor kitchen ASAP? Contact the experts at York Companies to get started! We have you covered with everything from pools, to outdoor kitchens, to decks, and more. Take a look at our portfolio for more ideas and try our free quote tool!