3 Ways To Transform Your Backyard This Summer

There are many beautiful installation pieces that can completely transform your summer space. Finding the right one for your home is the fun part! A deck installation, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen are some of our favorites here at York.

1. Stay Out of the Heat With Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Refreshing fiberglass swimming pools are the first suggested step towards transforming your backyard in the summer. Every person, regardless of age, loves that first step into the water. The only way to get away from the heat in the summer is to take a dip into a fiberglass swimming pool. It’s the best feeling.
Fiberglass pools are a viable pool option for many homeowners and families. This is because they are sleek in appearance, easy to install, and simple to maintain.
fiberglass swimming pools

2. Meet With an Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

An outdoor kitchen contractor can become your next favorite person. This may sound like a stretch, although to us, it’s not. An outdoor kitchen contractor understands expert design rules, tricks of the trade, and is knowledgeable about all aspects related to outdoor installations. Together, you and an outdoor kitchen contractor will brainstorm ideas to transform your backyard in the perfect way.
The design process is quite fun. It’s like watching HGTV, but it’s taking place within your own home. All of your outdoor cooking dreams can come to life with an outdoor kitchen contractor.

3. A Transformative Deck Installation in Kansas City

A deck installation is the best decision you’ll ever make. It has the ability to transform and alter your entire outdoor experience. There’s something special about being able to relax in the comfort of your own backyard.
A deck installation follows a similar process to meeting with an outdoor kitchen contractor. Your deck installation begins with you. We provide expertise and guidance to help you along the way. Together, you’ll create the deck installation of your dreams. It just takes discovery, design, brainstorming, and an innovative deck installation contractor.

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