4 Fall Fire Pit Recipes You HAVE To Try

Everyone loves gathering around the fire pit on a cool fall night in KC and snacking on s’mores or hot dogs ???? That being said, those go-to snacks can get old. Bring your fire pit snack game to the next level with these delicious fall fire pit recipes!

Grilled shortcake skewers

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fun and easy strawberry shortcake skewers ???? Simply cut up a pound cake and strawberries (or whatever fruit you prefer) to stack on a skewer. Cook them to your liking and grab a side of whipped cream to complete the dessert! If you want a little more flavor, drizzle some chocolate or strawberry syrup on top.

Mini bacon crescent hot dogs

The perfect twist to spice up a hot dog is here! These bite-size savory snacks are perfect for all kinds of gatherings. Start by cutting a hot dog into thirds and then slicing it half way through vertically. Stuff small slices of cheese into the slit and wrap the whole thing in a strip of lightly cooked bacon. Wrap a crescent roll around it, cook for 30 minutes, and enjoy.

Skillet s’mores

This s’mores remix is one of the best fall fire pit recipes for young children and entertaining. Create a cinnamon dough, roll into balls, and cook for 10 minutes. Fill your cast iron skillet with chocolate chips and place the cookies on top. Top with marshmallows; you can even cut them into fun shapes with cookie cutters! Cook for another 5 minutes, allow to cool, and find out for yourself what a crowd pleaser this dish is.

Fiery campfire veggies

Looking for an easy, healthy side dish or snack? Try these easy campfire cooked vegetables that will have your neighbors jealous. Season your veggies (corn, peppers, and onions are a great combo) as preferred. Drizzle with olive oil into your skillet and cook for 10-15 minutes. These go amazing with pineapple chicken, ribs, and much more.

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