4 Fire Pit Safety Tips

Fire pits are a beautiful, timeless, and practical addition to your Kansas City home ???? Whether you’re looking for a spot to cook smores with your family or warm up during gatherings, a firepit from York Companies is perfect. This being said, there are a few precautions you should take when dealing with a firepit to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home. Here are some fire pit safety tips from the custom fire pit builders at York.

Fire pit safety #1 tip: Follow local requirements

Before you install your fire pit, be sure to check what your neighborhood/city requirements are and acquire any permits if needed. Local requirements could include placement rules and signed waivers from residents. 

Fire pit safety tip #2: Carefully choose a location

Although your county may have its own requirement, it is recommended to keep the fire pit 10-20 feet away from all plants and buildings to avoid them catching on fire. You should also avoid lighting it over an enclosed space like a screened porch.

Fire pit safety tip #3: What to avoid around the pit

An essential part of fire pit safety is understanding what is and is NOT safe to have around or in the fire. Of course alcohol is highly flammable, so do not set drinks on or around the fire. Position chairs not too close or in a way that they could tip towards the pit. You should also avoid using gas or lighter fluid, as well as throwing anything with toxins in the fire like tires and plastic. 


Don’t forget to check wind conditions before lighting and adjust your setup properly to accommodate them! If you have young children, seat them further from the fire and do not leave them unattended. Giving them a brief rundown of fire safety if they are old enough or sitting with them is best. 

Fire pit safety tip #4: Properly put out the fire

The most important fire pit safety tip is to never leave a fire unattended. When you are ready to leave the fire, properly and fully put it out. You should always have a fire blanket and extinguisher nearby in case of any accidents. 

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