4 Health Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Ready to enjoy the health benefits of a saltwater pool right in your backyard? The Kansas City pool experts at York Companies can help you achieve a tropical vacation escape with professional saltwater pool installation ???? There are many benefits of a saltwater pool, including saving time on pool maintenance and money on chemicals. Here are the top 4 health benefits of a saltwater pool:

1. Soothe your skin

Have you ever swam in the ocean and noticed a sudden improvement in your complexion? This isn’t a coincidence, saltwater actually serves as a natural cleanser and exfoliant! It can restore a smooth feeling and even treat acne by clearing our pores with magnesium, calcium, and potassium. 

2. Avoid eye and lung irritation

No one wants to deal with itchy, red eyes and intensified asthma and allergy symptoms from chlorine. Chlorine damages the protective film on our eyes, making us more susceptible to pink eye and other severe eye infections. 


Breathing in chlorine can not only cause flare-ups of lung problems, but lead to lasting respiratory illness. 

3. Don’t worry about dangerous chemicals

Pool chemicals required for chlorine pool maintenance can be dangerous and must be stored and used properly to avoid accidents. If not kept at the right temperature and pressure, it can become poisonous and even a fire hazard. 

4. Relieve sore muscles and joints

More important health benefits of a saltwater pool are thanks to saltwater containing natural bromide, which is used to treat overused muscles and joints. That’s right! After a long day at work or a brutal workout, hopping into your saltwater pool not only mentally relaxes you, but addresses physical pain. 

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