4 Kitchen Styles for Your Kansas City Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend hours preparing and enjoying delicious meals and drinks to enjoy with our loved ones. Shouldn’t it be the best room in the house then?! If you’re ready to start your Kansas City home’s kitchen renovations but having trouble choosing a theme, York Companies has you covered with 4 stunning yet practical kitchen styles.

1. Minimal modern

Modern kitchen styles are minimalistic and create a bright, clean feel. Choose a white theme with smooth surfaces (like white marble), high-tech stainless steel appliances, and eccentric lighting. This style requires minimal accessories — so the materials are what really matter!

2. Cozy farmhouse

Farmhouse kitchen styles provide a more homey environment perfect for a more classic home. Reclaimed wood and other natural materials, exposed parts, mixing colors and textures, open shelves, and vintage accessories offer a timeless design. This aesthetic is perfect for cooking large meals for family gatherings. 

3. Colorful cottage

Another inviting kitchen style that’s a bit more playful is a cottage kitchen! Having big open windows to provide natural light is essential. This charming style is completed with a farmhouse sink and a pop of color. You could go with a deep green for a more rustic woodsy-feel or bright yellow for a beach vibe. 

4. Old world

Old world kitchens, in contrast to sleek bright modern styles, are much darker and antique or castle feeling. Deep woods and stones make up most materials but classic art, patterned rugs, and antique plates are what gives that “wow!” factor. 

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