4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Corner Outdoor Fireplace in Kansas City

If you haven’t thought about adding a corner outdoor fireplace to your backyard, well now’s your chance to start! A fireplace is definitely a quick way to add a little spark to your home, making it the perfect upgrade anyone can enjoy. 

We aren’t just saying fireplaces are great for nothing. As corner outdoor fireplace contractors ourselves, our team at York Companies has seen the amazing benefits that comes with the simple addition. Keep reading for why you should get a corner outdoor fireplace for your Kansas City home.

Reason #1: Doesn’t take up a lot of space

The perks of a corner fireplace is that it sits in a corner. That means you don’t have to worry about moving around your furniture or redesigning your deck just to get one. Of course if you want to update your deck, York Companies can help you with that too! 

Reason #2: Adds value to your home

It goes without saying that any kind of backyard upgrade will help add value to your home. Plus, if you’re ever thinking about selling your home, you can pull potential buyers in through your enticing fireplace. 

Reason #3: Has multi-season use

The great thing about a corner outdoor fireplace in Kansas City is that fire adds warmth. So when the weather changes again, you can use your fireplace for fall bonfires and winter chestnut roasting!

Reason #4: Great for outdoor entertaining

If you’re a self-dubbed party hoster, a new fireplace will really ignite the fun. Your guest can socialize around the fire while enjoying whatever activities you have in store. To really boost the vibe, you can add string lights and a speaker for the perfect, glowy environment. 

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Your perfect outdoor fireplace is just around the corner (pun intended)! Our team at York Companies will work with the design of your backyard to build the fireplace you’ve always wanted. 

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