4 Tips for a Perfect Backyard Deck in Overland Park

Do you love spending time outdoors? Enjoy your deck longer with these 4 tips for a perfect backyard deck in Overland Park.

4 Tips for a Perfect Backyard Deck in Overland Park

Living in the midwest, we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons in a year. For some of us, we wish the warmer weather would stick around a little longer. And at Pools by York, we can’t say that we blame you! Spending time outdoors with friends and family – or by ourselves – is good for our mental, emotional and physical health!  So why not enjoy your backyard more with these 4 tips for a perfect backyard deck every season in Overland Park.

1. Colder weather? Decorate & Warm up Your Winter Outdoor Area.

Just because the temperature has dialed down, doesn’t mean that your backyard deck needs to suffer. When everything turns gray and cool, warm up your backyard deck with some decor and/or the right plants.

Plant cold-weather plants

Like dwarf forms of Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus Sinensis) or dwarf fountain grasses

Weather tolerant vegetables.

Like purple-leaved beets, Chinese cabbage, kale, leaf lettuce, mustard, snap peas, spinach and Swiss chard, especially ‘Rhubarb’ or ‘Bright Lights.’

Herbs work too.

Thyme, parsley, oregano, and sage are handsome and cold tolerant, plus useful in the kitchen.

2. Add some warmth with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit installation. 

To extend the time you spend outside, add a natural source of heat!  A firepit can be the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. It can provide a warm light for your evening gatherings and can be a beautiful feature for your backyard IF it is done well! A custom fireplace or fire pit installation in Overland Park is a great addition to your backyard deck. It allows your family and friend to enjoy your outdoors in the spring and fall months.

3. Protect Your Deck From Every Harsh Condition.

The Midwest experiences a vast diversity of weather. When tough weather strikes, will your backyard deck be ready to withstand it? If you have recently added a new deck or have an existing one, there are steps you can take to protect it, regardless of whether it is made of natural wood or composite materials. Pools by York is your trusted guide to ensure proper maintenance of your backyard deck.

Install, upgrade or maintain your backyard deck today with Pools by York.

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