4 Tips for a Winter Pool Party in Kansas City

Don’t pack away that swimsuit quite yet. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun-filled pool party for you and your family. Whether it be a birthday or simply a time to celebrate, pool parties are something anyone can enjoy all year. All you need are a few tips for a winter pool party in Kansas City, and you’ll be splashing around in no time.

York Companies believes that the joy of pools shouldn’t be left behind in the summer. Our experienced contractors build both outdoor and indoor pools to keep you swimming all year round. 

1. Find the perfect location

There are tons of community centers and gyms in the Kansas City area that have indoor pools you can book for a party. Just make sure you do your research on price, the quality of their pool, and the amenities they have beforehand. If you want to take out the middleman, though, we highly recommend getting an indoor pool installed in your home. When buying a pool, many people overlook having an indoor pool as an option. But indoor pools can give you the best bang for your buck, because you’ll be able to use them any day of the year. 



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2. Get creative with decorations

One of the most important tips for a winter pool party in Kansas City is to have great decorations. When it comes to decorations, we recommend going for a winter theme. When else will you be able to combine winter and the pool? It’s a super fun way to get creative and try something new. If you have your own indoor pool, you can hang up DIY snowflakes on the ceilings and sprinkle fake snow around the pool. During the holiday season, you can put up your favorite holiday decorations and fill the room with holiday music. 

3. Have a list of wintery games

No matter the age group, games make a party even better. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, try your hand at pin the carrot nose on the snowman. There’s still traditional pool games like marco polo and sharks & minnows that kids always enjoy. For an icy spin, a game of in-water freeze tag can make your winter pool party in Kansas City a hit. 

4. Don’t skimp on the snacks

We all love a good snack, even if our waistlines don’t. But parties are a celebration, so pull out all the stops. To keep with the winter theme, you can create marshmallow kabobs that look like snowmen, have festive holiday cookies, and a fun hot chocolate bar full of toppings and syrups.  

Let York Companies supply your indoor pool needs

Thinking of getting an indoor pool in Kansas City to jumpstart your winter pool party? York Companies works with a variety of indoor pool manufacturers to make sure our customers get the pool that best fits their needs, no matter how big or small. 


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