4 Unique Wine Cellar Ideas for Your Kansas City Home

Looking to display your wine collection in an attention-grabbing & trendy way? Wine cellars are a classic, beautiful addition to any home. However, trying to generate styles or placements that aren’t as basic as the typical wine cellar can be daunting. Luckily, the York Companies team has gone through Tik Tok to find some unique wine cellar ideas we think you’ll love to install in your Kansas City home! 

Glass ceiling

One way to spice up a wine room is to add a glass ceiling! This option is perfect if you want to proudly display your collection ???? It’s also a great conversation starter because you can place furniture right on the ceiling looking down into the room. The glass will make the spaces above and below it feel larger and more cohesive. 

Spiral staircase

If you’re looking for more discreet unique wine cellar ideas, try adding a spiral staircase with wine storage built into the walls. You can opt for a modern high-tech glass door with a remote (as shown in the video), a rustic wood door, or a door of any aesthetic that fits your home. This option is extremely versatile because the size and location are completely up to you. Try adding lights for added ambience!

Secret entrance

HGTV posted a video of a wine cellar hidden in a kitchen island for maximum privacy. This option is sure to wow anyone! This woman’s wine room is a large underground area with storage as well as bar seatingreminiscent of a speak-easy ???? If you want a little escape after the kids go to bed, just open up the island! You could also build a secret entrance behind a bookshelf or install a door into a patterned/textured wall.

Under the stairs

If you’re working with limited space, no worries! One of the best unique wine cellar ideas for you is putting one right under the stairs. This option is out of the way, but can still be used to display your collection. The video shows a room with glass doors and lights to draw attention to the space, but if you’re looking for more privacy try a wood or metal door. 

Love these unique wine cellar ideas? Come to York Companies!

Whether you’ve fallen for one of these wine room styles or have a vision of your own, York Companies can bring it to life. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio, try our online free quote tool, or read our blog, “Things to Consider Before Building a Wine Cellar in Your Kansas City Home”. Contact us today to get started!