5 Beautiful Fire Feature Ideas

Fire features are a beautiful way to stay warm while hanging out in your backyard! There are plenty of options, but first you should decide what you want out of the feature—maybe a large fire pit for gatherings or small decorative elements around the pool. If you’re unsure which direction to go in, the experts at York Companies have put together some of our favorite fire feature ideas to inspire you!

Fire pits

Ah, the classic fire pit ???? We all love gathering around the fire pit during any Kansas City season, whether it’s to cook up s’mores or share stories. While this is a common feature, there are tons of styles to choose from! HGTV’s slideshow shows how you can use materials, colors, and shapes to completely change the feel. If your backyard living space is sleek and modern, try a concrete square fire pit or a rectangle with a small line of fire. Want a more homey cabin feel? Try a circle pit with natural stone. 

Outdoor fireplaces

Calling all pizza lovers! One of the many benefits of outdoor fireplaces is that they can also be pizza ovens. Plus, they’re great if you’re looking for fire feature ideas that are more practical for staying warm. Outdoor fireplaces are timeless and perfect to put in your outdoor living space. You can even make it into a large wall to add more privacy!

Fire bowls

A fire bowl may look similar to a pit, but it is built above ground rather than in it. These are much better if you plan on moving the bonfire around because they are portable and less heavy. This fire feature adds to many homes’ aesthetics but are mostly used in a traditional or modern setting!

Fire tables

Fire tables are stunning yet practical centerpieces that provide heat, decoration, and table space! They come as side tables, coffee tables, dining tables & more. You can choose the size to fit your needs (remember that smaller = more portable!) and they come in all kinds of styles and materials. 

Fire/water features

Fire/water features are a beautiful & unique addition. These can be used as a pit/centerpiece or as smaller features alongside pool walls to provide light. If you need a focal point for the finishing touch to your outdoor space, this fire feature idea will add a classy wow factor!

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