5 Fire Pit Ideas for Kansas City Homeowners

5 Fire Pit Ideas for KC Homeowners

Finding the perfect fire pit design to compliment your home’s aesthetic can be an adventure in and of itself. There are countless options on the market, but narrowing down those options can begin to feel overwhelming.

At York, we wanted to help our homeowners with their selection process. We created a list of 5 beautiful fire pit ideas for homeowners in Kansas City. This list is a cumulation of homeowner suggestions, preferences, and some of our personal favorites.

1. The Classic Fire Pit

If you’re someone who prefers simple, classic styles a classic fire pit is perfect for you. A classic fire pit is perfect for homeowners who are looking for practical fire pit ideas. The classics can be composed of stone, brick, or even stainless steel.

classic fire pit ideas

2. An Elegant & Luxurious Fire Pit

If you’re looking to really spice up your backyard, we suggest searching in the direction of elegant fire pit designs. Ask your contractor for portfolio examples of some of our more elegant fire pits. There are many routes you can take if you’re interested in a luxurious fire pit. You can really get creative with these!

fire pit ideas in kansas city

3. A Modern Fire Pit

All the buzz is around modern design right now. We suggest opting for a sleek but classic fire pit design if you’re searching for a more modern fire pit. Not only will a modern design appeal to the eye, but it will complement most homes due to its minimalistic style. There’s no going wrong with a modern fire pit.

4. Practical Brick Fire Pits

Brick fire pits are another solution for homeowners searching for simple, but beautiful fire pit ideas. Brick fire pits are not only sturdy but can easily pair with any home’s aesthetic. These fire pits have been around for years. They’re a crowd favorite and will continue to shine beyond its time.

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5. Bowl Fire Pits

Bowl fire pits are on the trendier side of the scale. More recently homeowners are opting for bowl fire pits. They’re easy to clean and add the perfect touch to any backyard.


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