5 Stunning Pool Lighting Styles to Complete Your Aesthetic

When building your pool, you’re probably looking forward to relaxing and swimming in the sun on hot summer days ☀️ but who doesn’t love a good night swim? Pool lighting not only makes night-swimming safer, it also adds to your backyard’s aesthetic and allows you and your guests to appreciate its beauty 24/7! Whether you’ve already built your pool or are planning to start, here are 5 eye-catching pool lighting styles to add that final touch:

Underwater lighting

One of the most popular pool lighting styles is underwater lighting. This option allows you to see inside of the pool so you won’t be running into walls while swimming. It also provides more safety — you can see when someone or something is inside. Plus, it illuminates the flooring if you’re super proud of your tile design!

Water feature lighting

Water features are a beautiful addition to any pool, especially with added lights. You can choose materials from rock to concrete to match your home’s style and opt for features like waterfalls, sconces, and more! Check out HGTV’s slideshow for more inspiration. 

Pathway lights

Lighting up a pathway to your pool is one of the classic pool lighting styles that draws your eyes in (and keeps you from tripping!). You can never go wrong with a stone path elegantly lit up from your back door. 

Fire features

Looking for a more fiery option? Fire features can offer a variety of moods. For a modern home you can go with a concrete pool-side fireplace or for a traditional home a more homey-feeling torch choice. Added bonus, you can stay warm by a fire pit and even cook up s’mores!


LED lights offer a large variety of pool lighting styles because you can adjust the color and brightness to your liking. Having a pool party? Switch on bright rainbow lights! Or if you’re having a more relaxed night, you can opt for a muted warm tone. 

Ready to add the finishing touch to your home pool?

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