5 Ways To Get Your Feet Wet This Summer

Our company works from the ground up to assure your summer is the best yet. We want your backyard to be a fun-filled zone that can double as a relaxation area.

Dive headfirst into the summer with custom swimming pools and pool features that will wow your neighbors! Pools by York offers fiberglass swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, pool water features, and pool fountains. Each piece can start your summer with a splash.

1. The Perfect Way to Lounge: Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool that is often used for lounging, cooling off and wading. Plunge pools have become more popular because they are less expensive to put in, use fewer chemicals, and require less water.

2. A Classic Option: Fiberglass Swimming Pools

You heard it here first. Get into the loop with fiberglass swimming pools. Why do we love fiberglass pools so much?

  • Fiberglass swimming pools are the simplest and easiest pool type to maintain
  • Rarely do they need repaired or fixed in comparison to other pools
  • Minimal upkeep on a weekly basis
  • The installation process is fairly quick
  • Smooth, appealing aesthetic

3. Summer All Year: Indoor Swimming Pools

Installing an indoor swimming pool is the perfect way to ensure your favorite summertime activity can be completed during any season. Indoor swimming pools can be created in any size or shape that will best fit our customer’s needs and wishes. We will work with you to discover what type, size, and shape will best accompany your home’s aesthetic.

Indoor pools are the best way to avoid all the leaves and outdoor debris that tend to find its way into the pool. This allows for an easy maintenance process. By installing an indoor swimming pool – it makes your relaxation process much easier.

indoor swimming pool

4. Add Some Character to Your Pool With Pool Water Features

The possibilities for pool water features are beyond endless. We’ve truly seen it all.

Allow us to be your go-to for all of your pool needs. After installing a pool you deserve and wishfully have dreamt of, we recommend adding that extra pizzaz. By this we mean – yes, pool water features.

Each added pool water feature creates a character that follows your backyard’s aesthetic. There’s truly a feature for everybody. If the pool is for fun-loving kids to enjoy, we supply sporting equipment accessories and waterslides that will keep them busy all day long. On the other hand, if the pool is meant for relaxing, we offer fountains, spouts, and waterfalls that will set your mind at ease.

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