5 Ways to Perfect Your Outdoor Living in Olathe KS

Do you love home improvements? It’s time to show some love to your outdoor living in Olathe KS.

With the slight cool down this week, we are obsessed with educating people about their possibilities to enjoy their outdoor space! In this post, we’re talking about 5 additions to enhance your outdoor living.

Outdoor Living in Olathe KS1. Deck Installation in Olathe KS

A deck is a great asset to add to your home. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy your cup of joe on your deck in the early a.m. or wind down after a long day with a beer in hand. Now all you need is patio furniture and potentially a grill!

2. A patio Installation

A patio can be a nice extension of your deck. The cool stone really increases the aesthetic of your outdoor space. It can be the foundation for other features – including a fire pit, fireplace and/or gazebo for friends and family to gather around

3. Outdoor fiberglass pool installation in Olathe KS.

Cannon ball! Yeah, we just took a 90-degree turn on you! Outdoor fiberglass pools are the biggest hits of any party or gathering. Your kids will love it and your friends will too. Your backyard will become the outdoor getaway everyone wants to enjoy.

4. Pool automation and lighting in Olathe KS.

If you’re looking to really add the ‘wow’ factor to your backyard, show off how advanced you are with your technology! Pool automation actually makes it easier to maintain and manage your pool. You can control the lights, temperature, retractable cover and chemical levels with a touch of a button.

5. Fire pit installation.

Fire pits are really growing in popularity in the Midwest. They’re a great feature to have because you can enjoy it for a greater chunk of the year. Fire it up in the early months of spring when it’s just not quite warm enough to go without heat. It’s perfect for summer nights with friends and family. The best season? When summer turns to fall, and the air starts to chill – you don’t have to take the party inside.


What feature will you add next?

Pools by York can design and install all the above features to improve your outdoor living in Olathe KS.


Outdoor Living in Olathe KS