6 Signs That You Need a Deck Repair Contractor in Kansas City

It’s officially cold outside, so who would think about getting a deck repair contractor in Kansas City right now? But we’ll let you in on a little secret: winter is the best time to prepare your deck for your spring and summer festivities. The last thing you want to do is wait until it warms up, just to find your deck repair won’t be done until the end of summer. 

deck repair contractor in Kansas City

Before you start your internet rampage to find a contractor, you must know what to look for. Luckily, our deck experts at York Companies compiled a list of common signs that you need a deck repair contractor in Kansas City. 

1. Your deck has wobbly stairs and railing

Wobbly stairs and railing are a huge safety hazard for you and your family and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you check your deck’s screws and connectors. Sometimes all you need to do is tighten them, and you’re good to go. But if you notice that the metal screws and connectors are rusted or damaged, it’s time to call a deck repair contractor. 

2. Your deck is outdated

Vintage is cool, just not for your deck. Older decks have more maintenance issues, and can start showing signs of wear and tear at any time. An updated deck will surprise your neighbors, and it’ll be something your whole family can enjoy. There are many options you can try on your new deck, such as building a fireplace or adding an outdoor kitchen area

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3. Your deck has a gap 

If there’s a gap between your deck and house, you need to get a deck repair contractor in Kansas City ASAP. Ledger boards keep your deck firmly attached to the house, and when those are damaged, the entire deck can start leaning away from the house. Anyone can trip and severely hurt themselves if the gap isn’t fixed. 

4. Your deck’s wood is rotting

Rotting wood is important to notice if your patio is older. Throughout the years, your deck is exposed to outside elements such as heat, humidity, and precipitation. This can cause a nasty infestation of fungal growth. Check your patio for any discoloration or signs of mold. You can even take the tip of a screwdriver and test for soft spots. 

5. Your deck has no ledger flashing

Ledger flashing helps keep water from getting between your deck. To do this, your ledger needs to be in good shape; that means no holes or rust. When the ledger isn’t up to par, water can leak through and cause mold and other damage to the side of the house. 

deck repair contractor in Kansas City

6. Your deck isn’t big enough

We stay in the same home for years, and sometimes we need more space for our growing family. If your deck isn’t big enough, a deck repair contractor in Kansas City can help you expand it to fit your needs. 

How to get a deck repair contractor in Kansas City

At York Companies, we have experienced deck repair contractors who have in-depth knowledge on building beautiful decks in Kansas City. No matter how simple or complex the problem might be, our contractors will provide you with the best customer service and a deck you’ll be proud of. 


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