Additional Pool Features in Kansas City

Did you think we were done? Pools by York offers additional pool features in Kansas City to enhance your aesthetic.

In our previous blog post this week, we talked about 3 pool features in Kansas City that could add convenience to your lifestyle. We touched on pool lighting to extend the use of your pool into night time, pool automation to control all of your pool’s settings from any device with a single touch, and a retractable pool cover to keep your pool clean when you’re away!

Additional Pool Features in Kansas City for Aesthetics.

So what else do we have up our sleeves? The Pools by York team talks about additional pool features in Kansas City to add that ‘wow’ factor to your outdoor aesthetic.

Additional Pool Features in Kansas City

Pool Fountains & Waterfalls

Pools By York can brainstorm options for pool fountains and other features if you’re looking to bring a touch of class and flair to your fiberglass pool. We can add accent fountains and waterfalls, and we can create fun, vibrant water spouts to add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your pool. Custom lighting can also be incorporated within your pool fountain and pool features to create a one-of-a-kind experience!

Waterslides and Fountain Spouts.

Is your pool’s purpose to entertain your children or grandchildren? As parents ourselves, we know exactly what you need!  The Pools By York experts to create the most fun experience for the young ones! We can add in a fun waterslide, space for a volleyball net or basketball hoop, or even a diving board to maximize their enjoyment of your incredible fiberglass pool in Kansas City.


Looking for a bigger update? We install fiberglass spas in Kansas City.

While you are planning for additional pool features in Kansas City, consider investing in a spa to add to your pool. Knock it out all at once! A spa will increase the value of your investment and increase your property value. In addition, it will give your outdoor entertainment space the extra dazzle you’re looking for as well as extending your outdoor living area’s season.

Get a free quote today for all of your additional pool features in Kansas City from Pool by York.