Automatic Retractable Pool Cover

Avoid winter debris and invest in an automatic retractable pool cover.

automatic retractable pool cover

It’s a sad day when the weather is too cold to enjoy the luxuries of your pool. You drain the water and get ready for the winter months by starting a countdown towards the first day of summer. Even if you’re not using your pool during winter, it is recommended by the professionals at Pool by York to protect your pool from winter weather and potential debris. The best way to do that? An automatic retractable pool cover!

What do I do if I don’t have an automatic retractable pool cover?

When summer rolls around, the first step to getting your pool up and running….you have to clean out all of the leaves, insects, dirt, and debris. Yikes!  You know what that means, you call a professional cleaner OR you suit up, grab your pool vacuum, and fish them out with a net. Oh, and you can’t forget cleaning out the skimmer and the pump basket, too.  No one said it was a glamorous job.

What does an automatic retractable pool cover protect against?

You can choose a heavier weight automatic retractable pool cover which is better designed for the winter. Since it is made heavier it has the ability to withstand harsh winter elements like snow and ice. Freezing is always a danger to an outdoor pool – therefore it is important to take the proper steps to winterize your pool.

Pools by York will help you choose the right cover. Contact us today!

You are not limited to only choosing among automatic retractable pool covers. You have choices! No matter what type of cover you are interested in, Pools By York team can help you find what you need.

Automatic pool covers are often requested by our clients because they are an easy way to ensure your pool is protected from weather elements when it is not in use. If the bugs are particularly bad, or if the wind is blowing in debris, you can block all of it from your clean pool water at the push of a button! Pools By York can help find you a different type of solution to ensure that your pool can stay covered whenever necessary!