What to Avoid When Building a Pool Deck in Kansas City

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your pool deck or to install a brand new one, the pool experts at York Companies can help! A common mistake people make when budgeting and designing a backyard pool is forgetting about the pool deck. You should also look into your neighborhood’s pool requirements to see if you need to account for certain covers or gates. Here are some common mistakes the York team sees that you should avoid when building a pool deck in Kansas City:

Skimping on the size

You shouldn’t try to save money by opting for a small deck, because in reality you’ll likely spend more time on your deck than in the pool. Think about what furniture you want around the pool, if you’ll want a bar area, and so on. Don’t try to cram everything in or you won’t have room to lay out!

Not researching materials

Choose your materials wisely before building a pool deck in Kansas City. Whether you land on cement, tile, wood, or even turf, be sure to look into the pros and cons of each before making a purchase. Consider the purpose of the pool area; is it a place for kids to run around or a relaxing spot to tan? You can refer to our recent blog on stunning pool deck styles for more inspiration.

Attempting to do it yourself

After investing in a pool, some homeowners want to save by building the deck themselves. In reality, this can cost even more. Poor material choices/durability can require you to rip out and replace the deck, so it’s better to get it right the first time!


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