Backyard Entertaining Tips from a Kansas City Patio Contractor

Over the years, York Companies has mastered the art of backyard entertaining. Get a few tips from a professional Kansas City Patio Contractor.

Want to make your backyard inviting, comfortable, entertaining, and FUN? At York Companies, we know what it takes to take a backyard from drab to fab. Here’s a few tips to keep your guests coming back!

Kansas City Patio ContractorProvide Variety.

Depending on the crowd, not all of your guests will be interested in the same things. This includes food, conversation, seating options, and activities. So it’s usually a good idea to display multiple options for for guests. Make sure your menu is varied so everyone can find something they like. Offer multiple seating areas and styles so your guests can break off into smaller groups and find seating that accommodates their needs. While younger kids may want to splash in the pool, teenagers might want to chat by the firepit, and adults may hang out at the outdoor bar or play some lawn games.

Consider lighting.

A mix of lighting is important depending on the circumstance. Candles are usually a must, along with overhead lighting; string lights are always a nice touch. To light up larger areas such as a pool or a court, flood lighting may be necessary.

Make a Mix.

Music is an important part of any event, so make sure you think ahead! Make a playlist of your favorite party tunes, or use a streaming service to do it for you. You can always take requests.

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