Three Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget

Ambient Lighting

Forget the harshness of bright fluorescent outdoor bulbs that attract tons of bugs! Ambient lighting with string lights makes everything much more cozy and relaxing. There are many string light options available to light up your space to beautify your backyard patio on a budget. From tiny fairy lights to lanterns or colorful globe lights, you have a ton of options! You don’t even have to have an outlet nearby. Many string lights come are battery powered or solar powered. 

You can also go the more old fashioned route and opt for candles to light up your backyard patio. There are a ton of lantern styles to use as candle holders to house the flame. A backyard fire pit also does the trick nicely! 

string lights

Plants ????

If you start plants from the seed or have a friend with a green thumb that can share their plant propagates, plants can be extremely cost effective and greatly impact the feel of your backyard patio. A little herb garden can be the perfect complement for your home cooking (cilantro and basil are our favorites!), or you could decide on a variety of plants that are just pretty to look at. 

You can also play with different types of planters. Think about colors and textures that add depth and style to your backyard patio. You can find many budget-friendly planters at yard sales and thrift stores, or on sale when it’s not technically plant season. Ask almost anyone; plants will enhance your space!

Trellis or Pergola

These two architectural features help you display both lights and plants! A trellis is perfect to add a little separation between spaces in your backyard patio, and a pergola can act as a nice structure that also gives you some shade. With a variety of styles and types of wood to choose from for your trellis or pergola, you’re sure to find something that goes well with the rest of your space. 

York Companies | Beautiful Backyard Patios 

There you have it! Three great backyard patio ideas on a budget. If you’re interested in revamping your current patio or are looking for a new backyard patio installation, look no further than York Companies. We love creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers to enjoy. Check out our portfolio of deck and patio work, and contact us to discuss your project!