Bathroom Renovation Tips from the Experts at York Companies

Renovating your bathroom can feel like a daunting project at first. However, with expert help, making a few upgrades can completely transform the space. You spend more time in the bathroom than you think, showering, getting ready, and well, using the bathroom. Having a clean, sleek space with good lighting can make a simple shower so much more appealing and relaxing ???? If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some bathroom renovation tips from the professionals at York Companies.

Create a budget

Creating a thorough budget is always the first step to a successful remodel. Bathrooms specifically require more technical additions (plumbing, electric, etc.) that need to be installed correctly the first time to avoid the hassle and money you would have to spend fixing/replacing items. Therefore, account for hiring a reliable and experienced contractor (AKA us)!


Keep in mind that you don’t have to splurge on marble countertops and fancy light fixtures to create an elegant space. There are plenty of flooring, countertop, and lighting dupes, plus our team can help you choose the right options to stay in your price range. 

Choose materials wisely

Choosing the right materials is one of the most important bathroom renovation tips we can give! A bathroom goes through a lot every day and has to run properly to avoid erosion and malfunctions. Choosing durable materials that work well with water is key, but also remember that you’ll want to enjoy this bathroom in 5, 10, even 30 years! So, think through the aesthetic you want to go with and choose cohesive pieces that aren’t too trendy. 

Think through the layout

While getting creative and exploring unique ideas can spice up a room, keep the utility of a bathroom in mind. Do you want to have to reach far for toilet paper or have to avoid the mirror right in front of you while on the toilet? Do you want built-in storage? Do you need a tub for kids or to relax in? Your contractor should be able to help you reach your goals while making the space make sense.

Don’t neglect lighting

We know we mentioned this earlier, but we just need to emphasize how important lighting is! Here’s another of our insider bathroom renovation tips: designing a stunning bathroom but choosing the wrong light fixture, color temperature, and placement, will not allow you or your guests to appreciate it. 


Find a piece that goes with the theme of the space and place it in a strategic spot; remember that you’ll want good lighting right by the mirror and to be able to see in the shower.

Hire York Companies for your bathroom renovation

Ready to apply these bathroom renovation tips and start enjoying a stunning new space? Come to York Companies for expert service that will last! Remember to check out our portfolio for some visual inspiration and try our free quote tool