Bathroom Renovations That Add Value

Does your bathroom need a little refresh before you show it off to potential buyers? Bathrooms are more important than you think when it comes to selling your home; buyers typically look for a certain number of bathrooms, tubs, and so on. It should of course function properly, but adding a few new touches can completely change a first impression and raise your home’s value! Here’s the bathroom remodeling team at York Companies’ list of top aspects of bathroom renovations that add value:

Adding a tub

As we mentioned, tubs are on plenty of buyers’ lists of non-negotiables, especially families with children or elderly individuals. Don’t replace your only tub with a stand-alone shower! 

Installing new flooring

Bathroom floors can go through a lot thanks to all the moisture and plumbing craziness. If your floors are warping, discolored, or simply outdated, consider replacing them with timeless tiles, vinyl, or another simple option that allows the new owner to customize the space. 


Check out Better Home & Gardens’ blog for details on more popular bathroom flooring materials.

Offering more counter space

One of the most sought after bathroom renovations that add value is new countertops. Can you ever have too much counter space?! Switching out worn vanities for new, timeless slabs creates a more sophisticated environment. 

Quick fixes

Don’t overlook the details of bathroom renovations that add value! If you don’t have much time or an extensive budget, cleaning up small things such as repainting, installing new lights, and switching out old appliances will immediately make the space feel more clean and fresh. 

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