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A big reason for bathroom renovations is to create a safe and comfortable bathroom for seniors. Bathrooms can be slippery and tough to navigate with limited mobility. Our home contracting experts put together a quick list of the top bathroom renovations for seniors.

Zero Threshold Shower, Handheld Showerhead, and Shower Seat

Zero threshold means that there is no reason to have the lift up your leg to step inside of the shower. This significantly reduces the chance of slips and falls in this slippery bathroom area. An easy-to-access walk in shower is a great bathroom renovation for seniors. 

Other senior shower renovations are swapping to a handheld showerhead and adding a shower seat. These help those with limited mobility have to do less movement in the slippery shower, with less maneuvering to complete the shower.

Walk-In Tubs

If you don’t want to give up a nice soak in the tub, which can be difficult to get in and out of, you don’t have to! Walk-in tubs come with a door feature to get in and sit down with ease. 

Stability Grab Bars 

Another handy tool for safety and convenience is installing grab bars for added stability while maneuvering around the bathroom. These can be installed in showers, next to the toilet, and wherever else they can help out.

If possible, have first-floor bathrooms and wide bathroom dimensions.

As we age, stairs become very limiting and a risk factor for falls. If you can, have a full bathroom on the first floor to reduce the risk. If you have the ability to set the dimensions of the bathroom, a wheelchair compliant bathroom door must swing outward and measure at least 32 inches, have enough floor space to make a full turn or T turn. You can consult with your local building codes for more information. 

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