Benefits of a Custom Fire Pit

As fall sets in and the weather cools down, now is a perfect time to start enjoying a fire pit. There are countless stunning fire pit and fire feature styles to illuminate and complete your home’s backyard escape, from modern black matte materials to large traditional stone fireplaces. The benefits of a fire pit range from keeping warm to adding to your home value, but with York’s custom fire pits, anything is possible! Here’s some more benefits of a custom fire pit from the York Companies team in Kansas City:

Increase your home’s value

According to HomeLight, a survey among 6,000 realtors concluded that a 10 foot diameter natural stone, gas fire pit offers an average ROI of 67%. Pulling up lounge chairs or creating a stone pathway is a great way to highlight the feature to potential buyers. If you’re specifically looking to install a custom fire pit to attract others down the road, going for a timeless look is your best bet. However, you can always install your dream style to enjoy while you live at the house and still see some of that money back later.


A custom fire pit will make your backyard the hotspot for social events! Whether you’re cooking up snacks or just staying warm while you lounge, it’s the ideal option for prolonging hanging out outside this fall. Sharing campfire stories and s’mores is one of the best forms of entertainment for any age! 

Style versatility

HGTV’s slideshow offers some more visual inspiration of fire pits styles to accentuate your home. Of course one of the many benefits of a custom fire pit is that you can choose the materials and size. However, most people are looking to match the firepit to their home’s aesthetic. For example, the traditional stone and concrete option (on slide 3) is great for traditional and cabin style homes. If your style is more modern and minimalist, an all black style (on slide 5) or a fire table (slide 34) can add to the sleek feel. A more unique yet versatile option is creating a steel frame to place a wood fire in (slide 31). 

Ensure safety

Choosing an experienced, professional contractor for your fire pit installation is key to ensuring its safety features and longevity. While there are a few safety tips to remember for homeowners, a big part of safety is the installation. There are some local regulations regarding placement and licenses, but besides that the contractor should be able to bring your vision to life without compromising your family’s safety.

Enjoy the benefits of a custom fire pit and come to York Companies for the best custom installation in the Kansas City Area!

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