Benefits of a Custom Grilling Island | Kansas City Contractors

If grilling is one of your favorite pastimes in the warmer months, you should consider a custom grilling island for your outdoor kitchen space! This home feature comes with a lot of benefits and our Kansas City outdoor living contractors at York can create your custom grilling island made just for you.

Enjoy more workspace while you grill. 

Have you ever found yourself working on a tiny patio table with plates, a cutting board, grilling utensils, sauces, bowls, and basically a million things with no space? It gets hard to move around and increases the chance that a lovely piece of food accidentally falls and becomes a snack for the dog. Cooking is a LOT more enjoyable when you have the counter space you need to work easily. A grilling island can give you the space you need!

Bask in the outdoor kitchen life.

More and more of our clients are installing outdoor kitchens. This becomes a staple of the spring, summer, and even early fall lifestyle where you can enjoy the outdoors while you make dinner. You can still hang with your family and guests while you prepare the meal, and any smellier foods like fish can keep the smell out of the inside of your home kitchen. 

Features to make grilling easier and more convenient.

Custom grill islands can have all types of features to make you feel even more efficient while you work. For example, you can have a miniature fridge to keep your ingredients fresh and away from outdoor pests (or extra drinks!), a spot for trash, and more!

Come to York Companies for your outdoor living contracting needs. We install all types of home additions, and we’d love to help you create the custom grilling island of your dreams. Contact us today or try out our free quote tool for more information.