Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Kitchen in Kansas City

A custom outdoor kitchen in Kansas City is a unique feature that will give your home that extra “umph” you’ve always wanted. The cold season is the perfect time to start preparing for an outdoor kitchen so that it’s ready to go once spring comes around. But don’t get us wrong, outdoor kitchens are something you can use no matter what season it is. 

York Companies builds high-quality custom outdoor kitchens in Kansas City for people looking to add something special to their outdoor space, and we’ve seen first hand the benefits a custom outdoor kitchen brings. 

Perfect for entertaining

A custom outdoor kitchen in Kansas City brings life to any party. Unlike an indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchens won’t get overly crowded with people. As a bonus, you can add outdoor furniture and hang string lights to create a warm ambiance everyone can relish in. 

Adds value to your home

Custom outdoor kitchens are quickly rising in popularity, which make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners. Adding stainless steel appliances, prep stations, and other modern features will keep those benefits rolling in on your investment. 

Keeps patio warm during the winter

Once you fire up that grill or brick oven, your patio will start warming up even in the cold. It allows you to take full advantage of your patio all year. If you want additional warmth, you can get a portable fireplace or propane heater. 


Allows you to try new dishes

Without the confines of being indoors, you can try new recipes that you can’t do indoors. For instance, a pizza oven gives you that gourmet, fire-toasted taste that you wouldn’t be able to get with your indoor oven. 

Keeps strong aromas outside

Most of the time, the smell of food is comforting and makes our mouths water. But there are some dishes that can make your house smell very quickly, and not in a good way. Custom outdoor kitchens in Kansas City are perfect for those times you want to fry fish or mince lots of onions. 

Let York Companies build your custom outdoor kitchen

Our experienced contractors at York Companies know what it takes to bring your dreams of a custom outdoor kitchen in Kansas City to life. We build all of our outdoor spaces with our customer’s wants and desires in mind, so you’ll be sure to get exactly what you’re looking for. 


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