The Benefits of Fiberglass Pools & Salt Water Pools

A majority of homeowners are constantly fighting the battle of deciding between which pool option to purchase. This process is full of weighing your options. Therefore, we want to help in assisting you throughout this process. We consider ourselves experts in the field of fiberglass pools and salt water pools. Let’s just say it’s what we do for a living.

Why are fiberglass pools beneficial?

Fiberglass pools are an up and coming pool option for many homeowners. You may have heard chatter around the neighborhood or recently been noticing more fiberglass pools popping up. Fiberglass pools are becoming a safe pool purchase for children. A majority of homeowners favor fiberglass pools because of their sleek bottom. You may be thinking, why does this matter? Well, it’s important for small children or individuals with sensitive skin.
Fiberglass pools are also extremely simple to maintain. As the bottom isn’t harsh and popcorn-like, the cleaning process flows swimmingly. It’s easy for algae to get stuck in between the ridges and pores. On the other hand, fiberglass pools have a smooth surface. Therefore, the cleaning process is much simpler. This allows you to spend a significant amount of time enjoying your pool, rather than cleaning it.
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Why are salt water pools beneficial?

Salt water pools are an option a majority of pool owners are leaning towards. A major benefit of salt water pools is that it doesn’t require added chlorine levels. The salt in salt water pools acts similarily to chlorine. Essentially, it acts out the same roles a chlorine-filled pool does. The salt constantly maintains the health and cleanliness of pools.

As there isn’t added chlorine, the water levels are gentle on swimmer’s eyes. This is a benefit for children, families, and any swimmer that has irritations regarding chlorine. Salt water pools are also gentle on one’s skin. It allows your skin to feel soft and smooth after a swim, versus dry and itchy. Many homeowners adore this benefit. It allows swimming to feel extra relaxing and rejuvenating. Your skin will thank you.
We also suggest pairing salt water pools with fiberglass pools. Therefore, you’ll have the best of both worlds with an abundance of benefits and perks.
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