The Best Basement Improvements to Increase Value

Potential buyers often have “finished basement” on their list of nonnegotiables in a home. Whether you’re specifically renovating your basement to sell, hoping to sell your house later down the road, or simply want to enjoy the extra living space, knowing what’s valuable is key. Here’s the York Companies’ experts’ list of top basement improvements to increase value ????

Lighting & flooring

One of the simplest ways to upgrade any space is by switching out old lighting for new fixtures. Not only does this literally shine a better light on your basement, but it can dramatically improve a first impression. Flooring is another important component of a good first impression because many buyers do not want a concrete floor. Whether you go with carpet, hardwood, tile, or any other material, keep it simple so that they can customize the space.

Storage space

One of the very important and often overlooked basement improvements to increase value is to allow room for storage. Remember that you don’t have to completely start over on the basement, and don’t cram it full trying to make it all pretty (this will also save you money!). 

Extra bedroom & bathroom

If you have the space, an extra bedroom and or bathroom are some of the most desirable basement improvements to increase value. The basement is a great spot for a guest room, office, or exercise room. Adding in a new full or half bath will also impress buyers so that themselves and guests will have their own private bathroom right in the basement. Check out our guide on the most valuable ways to upgrade your bathroom for details!

Open floor plan

Open floor plans are best for basements (and less expensive). Besides walls for bed, bath, and storage rooms, keep everything else open and visible. Leaving room for a small bar or play area can help home owners best use the space for their own needs. 

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