The Best Renovation Projects for Selling Your Home

Before you sell your home, keep in mind that making a few updates can increase the value, although you may not want to leave once you see your updated space! While of course you probably have some renovation ideas in mind that you would love, if your project is specifically for increasing your home value, keep in mind what buyers look for. 


For some general tips, never neglect lighting. Picking out some new light fixtures is a cheap and easy way to change a room’s atmosphere. Also, if you want to show off the exterior of your home, add lights! Remember to keep things on the timeless and simple side so the new owner can customize and enjoy the home for years to come. Simple flooring upgrades (which you don’t have to spend a ton on!) and new paint is never a bad touch. Also, don’t forget to DEEP clean before the open house!


Here’s the top renovation projects for selling from the experts at York Companies:


Update your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home ❤️ Freshening up your cabinets is an often overlooked detail. Depending on your budget, you can install new cabinets, paint them, or even open them up by taking doors off! The backsplash is where you have some creative freedom, but keep in mind that choosing one focus area will keep the price low and not overwhelm the space. Countertops are one of the first things people notice, but you don’t need to splurge on luxurious marble! There are plenty of dupes that you can opt for.  

Refresh your bathrooms

Buyers want a bathroom that feels clean, is well laid-out, and has a cohesive aesthetic. Check out our recent blog for specific bathroom renovation tips!

Elevate your landscaping

The exterior of your home and your yard is a buyer’s first impression. Simply keeping the grass in good shape, trimming bushes, and even adding some flowers or a garden space can really grab their attention! Plus, it gives the impression that you take care of your home before they even step inside. 

Finish your basement

Another of the all time best renovation projects for selling is finishing your basement. It is on so many buyers’ wish lists! This doesn’t mean you have to go all out, plus you can leave some unfinished for storage space and utilities. Simply adding basic flooring, lighting, and maybe a bar or tv space will allow potential buyers to envision what all they can do with the space. 

Ready to start your renovation projects for selling your home? Come to York Companies!

The experts at York are ready to help you raise the price of your home! Whichever renovation route you want to go with, we can deliver. Remember to check out our portfolios and try our free quote tool to get started. 


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