How to Budget for An Outdoor Kitchen

Love cooking (or eating) and hosting get-togethers? Outdoor kitchens are a great way to expand your outdoor living space and go beyond just grilling! This asset will make your house the go-to spot for your loved ones to come together at. This attraction is an investment, and understanding what makes the price is vital to budgeting and being happy with the finished product. The outdoor living experts from York Companies are here to help you budget for an outdoor kitchen.


Appliances are responsible for a large chunk of the budget for an outdoor kitchen. First, determine how large you want the kitchen. Do you want it to be a full kitchen area with a sink, fridge, oven, and so on? Or maybe you want a pizza oven! Balancing your top desires with size will help control the price. This also influences the power, water, and gas usage which raises the cost of installation and maintenance. 


Furniture is another vital piece. When making your budget for an outdoor kitchen, consider how much and what type of seating you want. Do you want a dining table, bar, or a couch? Also consider how you will be using the space most often to determine the layout. If you plan on entertaining often, a couch and bar would be useful additions. 


Just like any other renovation project, materials drastically affect the end price. Choose wisely—you may have to settle for a cheaper stone if you are set on building an extravagant bar. You can also find dupes to get the same look for less! Check out HGTV’s guide on where to splurge and save to get the most out of your money.

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