How to Build the Best Outdoor Living Space in Kansas City

Your backyard is your children’s play area or stomping grounds for your dog, but it’s also so much more than that — it’s an extension of your home. You work hard to bring the spirit of your family to the inside of your house, so why not take that outdoors? 

York Companies specializes in building pristine outdoor living spaces, so we’ve seen just how much they can transform the life of a home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current space or design a completely new one, our experts are here to show you exactly how to build the best outdoor living space in Kansas City. 

Make a list of outdoor living space ideas 

The best way to build the best outdoor living space in Kansas City? Research, research, and more research. You don’t want to tell a contractor, “hey, I want to build a new space” without having a clue of what options are available. 

There a ton of websites and apps to help you come up with great outdoor living space ideas, but our personal favorites at York Companies include: 

Outdoor living space with a fireplace: With an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, there’s no need to neglect your outdoor space in the winter. Grab your friends and family for cozy bonfire and keep the fun going all year round. 

Benefits of an outdoor fireplace in Kansas City


Outdoor living space with a pool: There’s nothing quite like sitting outside with a glass of lemonade while the kids splash around in a sparkling fiberglass pool. A pool can transform your outdoor living area into a gorgeous summer oasis. 

Outdoor living space with a kitchen: You haven’t really tested your cooking skills if you haven’t ever worked in an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens give you the opportunity to try out new recipes so that you can embrace your inner chef. 


Benefits of a custom outdoor kitchen in Kansas City 

Choose an outdoor living space contractor in Kansas City

You don’t just want any contractor; you want the best contractor. Creating the best outdoor living space in Kansas City will take patience and care. If you go with a contractor who’s just in it for the money, you may find that your dream living space could turn out to be a disappointing flop.

To help, here are some qualities you should look for when hiring a contractor.

Has experience

The best thing you can do is find a contractor with great experience. The way to do that is to browse through each candidate’s portfolio. Experienced outdoor living space contractors will have a diverse portfolio that showcases exactly what they can do. 

Works with you

Some contractors will do their own thing without considering the wants and needs of their customers. This is your dream backyard, so you should have a say in what happens to it! Look for contractors who will collaborate with you from start to finish instead of leaving you in the dark.

Provides great customer service

No one likes working with contractors who have terrible customer service. It makes the process extremely hard and unpleasant. Fortunately at York Companies, phenomenal customer service is what keeps our customers coming back for all of their outdoor living needs. 

Build the best outdoor living space in Kansas City with York Companies

If you truly want to have the best outdoor living space, look no further than York Companies. We offer a range of services from building pools to installing outdoor living additions. No matter what you need, our experienced contractors can help you bring your dream backyard to life. 


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