What Buyers Look for in a Kitchen: Remodeling Tips from the York Pros

Whether you like to try new recipes from scratch every night or just like to heat up pizza rolls, people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Plus, it’s a vital space for entertainment! Creating a kitchen that you love will elevate your home not only in your day to day life, but also to potential buyers! Knowing what buyers look for in a kitchen can be overwhelming, so here’s some of the key assets worth investing in from the pros at York Companies:

A functional layout

While you may fall in love with many additions, remember that you’ll want some open space. Think through the locations of appliances, do you want the sink right by the dining table? Remember the little things like outlets as well and keep in mind what the space is actually used for. Also, don’t neglect storage space! Leave plenty of room for you to store food, plates, and cookware. 

High-end appliances and finishes 

Stainless steel or other high-end appliances are often the first thing buyers look for in a kitchen. Upgrading your white fridge, stove, and microwave can completely transform the feel of the space! However, you don’t need to go crazy. When adding the decorative choices such as countertops and backsplashes, remember to choose focal points rather than overwhelming the space, and leave it customizable for the new owners. 

Balanced lighting

Lighting sets the mood ???? Find spots for lighting that make sense and choose the right warmth and brightness (or go for adjustable options). While an extravagant chandelier can be a beautiful attention-grabber, the majority of the lights don’t need to be so decorative. P.S.: Bar/countertop lighting is growing in popularity too!


Don’t forget the importance of natural light as well. Having windows around the kitchen or even skylight can open up the room quite a bit. 

Come to York Companies for the ultimate kitchen upgrade!

Now that you’ve learned what buyers look for in a kitchen, are you ready to get started?! The York team is ready to help bring your project to fruition. Stop by our portfolio for more inspiration and contact us to start your project!


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