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can you shock a salt water pool

Can You Shock a Salt Water Pool?

This is one of the most common questions we receive from homeowners who have purchased a salt water pool. The direct answer is yes — It’s okay for you to shock your salt water pool.

The difference between chlorine and salt water doesn’t matter at all when it comes to shocking a salt water pool. It’s perfectly okay for homeowners to shock their salt water pools. This doesn’t cause any harm to the pool or those swimming in it.

Although it’s important to remember there are still rules involved when shocking a salt water pool. It’s important to follow these guidelines closely to ensure safety and effectiveness. Let’s dive into the details.

can you shock a salt water pool

How to Properly Shock a Salt Water Pool

Shocking a salt water pool is still a process homeowners should take cautiously. If you follow these steps, you’re well on your way to correctly shocking a salt water pool.

The main reason homeowners should shock their pools is to remove algae, chlorine molecules, and any contaminants that may reside in their water.

Testing Your Pool’s Water: There are a few things homeowners need to check before shocking their salt water pools. It’s important to test the levels of pH, calcium, and Alkalinity. If these levels are too high, you may cause damage to your pool, such as staining.

Measuring the Correct Amount: It’s important to know how many gallons of water are in your pool. Every brand is a tad different. On the back of your shock package, you will be able to calculate the perfect amount of shock for your salt water pool.

Final Checks: Once the pH, Calcium, and Alkalinity are at the correct level it’s time to add the shock. After you discover the perfect amount needed to shock a salt water pool, it’s game time.

It’s Time to Shock a Salt Water Pool: Before you pour the shock in your salt water pool, ensure your filtration system is on. This will allow the shock to disperse fully around the pool. Read the packaging instructions carefully before shocking your pool. Fiberglass pools will need extra care, such as diluting the shock before inserting it into the poo.

Now that’s how you can shock a salt water pool correctly!

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