Chlorine VS Saltwater Pools: Which Is Better?

On the fence about what kind of pool to get? Building a pool is an investment, and it’s important to account for maintenance costs and understand what affects them. One of the most common questions York pool experts get is “Which is better: chlorine or saltwater?”. Lucky for you, our team of Kansas City pool experts has broken down the key pros and cons when comparing chlorine vs saltwater pools.

Chlorine: Pros ????

Chlorine pools provide that classic pool smell that you may like or dislike. Installing these pools is initially cheaper than a saltwater pool. They also use less electricity and are not harmful to pool heaters, features, and plants. Problems are much easier for homeowners to solve themselves. 

Chlorine: Cons ????

Chlorine pools require more frequent and expensive maintenance and have to be “shocked” more. The owner must check levels and add chlorine often; the chlorine must be stored properly to avoid becoming unusable. The chemicals can irritate skin, eyes, & lungs, and fade swimwear. It can also be bad for some pool deck paints. 

Saltwater: Pros ????

Saltwater is significantly better for the skin, eyes, hair, and lungs because the water is much softer. It also doesn’t cause swimsuits to fade! You can save money on chemicals and maintenance plus avoid the smells.

Saltwater: Cons ????

They are initially more expensive to install and use more electricity to run. The saltwater mixture can cause damage to plants and pool features must be specifically intended for saltwater. A specialist is usually needed for checks and repairs. The saltwater can’t properly produce chlorine when the temperature is under 60 degrees.


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