Common Mistakes People Make When Building A Fire Pit in Kansas City

Thinking about building a fire pit in your backyard? They’re a great way to stay warm outside, provide lighting, cook snacks, and much more! Check out this guide from the experts at York Companies for what to avoid when you begin building a fire pit:

Choosings looks over function

There are so many aesthetic options when building a fire pit — but remember to choose materials and styles that also condone proper function and safety. You need efficient ventilation, which differs depending on materials. You also should first consider the purpose of the fire pit and how much effort you’re willing to put into maintenance before you start building. 

Not approving specifics of building a fire pit with local authorities

Before you start designing, check with your neighborhood and local authorities what is allowed and required. Ensure that you are allowed to start building a fire pit to avoid fines and penalties and apply for permits if needed. They may have requirements for the size, location, and materials needed for your fire pit. 

Not planning out the location/orientation

After checking with authorities, use that information to decide where to build your fire pit. Consider how far you want it from your house and what you want to use it for. If it’s for entertaining guests, you might not want it in a spot that would blow smoke right into where you have outdoor furniture set up. 

Start building your perfect fire pit with York Companies!

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