Complete Your Backyard Getaway: Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Lighting is an important piece of decor and function in any space, but especially outdoors! There are countless options to fit your style, but it’s also important to consider what you want out of the purchase—warmth, functionality, decoration, or all of the above. Here are some outdoor living space lighting ideas for your Kansas City home that will add the finishing touches to your backyard!

Pool lighting

Underwater pool lighting is not only a beautiful way to show off your pool but also lets you safely swim at night. If you are having pool parties this summer, these are essential. You can even choose the colors for a more playful setting!

Fire features

A more “practical” outdoor living space lighting option is a fire feature. Fire features provide light, warmth, and you can even cook with some of them! There are options and materials to fit your style, from stone fire pits to concrete fire tables. Get some visual inspiration from HGTV or our portfolio!

String lights

String lights are a magical outdoor space lighting option ✨ You can hang them in lines overhead for a classic look, around a tree, on flowers, in glass bottles and more. If you want a more rustic look, you can go for light bulbs on wire, but string lights can go with any aesthetic!

Glow ball/cube

A glow ball or cube is the perfect fun addition to a more modern space, especially for parties! You can use the cubes as extra table spaces and change the colors.

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