Considering a fiberglass pool in Olathe this spring? Pools by York is your best choice.

IMG_1212Considering a fiberglass pool in Olathe this spring?  Pools by York is your best choice.  Pool by York has been installing fiberglass pools in Olathe with York Companies, who has been in business since 1980.  That’s over 30 years of general contracting and pool experience to ensure you get the best quality fiberglass pool and best installation possible.  At Pools by York, we love installing fiberglass pools in Olathe, as there are many benefits for the customer with a fiberglass pool.  First, fiberglass pools are easier to maintain and easier to clean than traditional pools.  Fiberglass pools are easier to install as they don’t require a poured concrete foundation.  Lastly, and most importantly, fiberglass pools in Olathe are more affordable than traditional pools as the years of maintenance, upkeep, and chemicals required for a traditional pool are far higher than for a fiberglass pool.  Contact Pools by York at 913.747.9015 to learn more about installing a fiberglass pool in Olathe!