Create a Year-Round Getaway: How to Decorate an Indoor Pool

Indoor pools allow you to keep a sense of summer alive no matter the season! While outdoor pools are great for summer in Kansas City, you can’t use them for a decent amount of the year. Everyone loves the summer version of themselves, being able to destress and sip on trendy cocktails in the pool ???? Luckily, the pool experts at York Companies can install an indoor pool at your home so you’ll get that feeling back. After your indoor pool installation, decor is key to creating your backyard escape. Here’s our pro tips on how to decorate an indoor pool:

Add pool lights

Don’t neglect lighting! If anything, indoor pool lighting is even more essential than outdoor pool lighting. Underwater lighting will allow you to safely swim at night, as well as show off the inside of your pool. You’ll also need lighting outside the pool, which is important to set the tone of the area. Look into which colors of light suit your indoor pool’s aesthetic and place them strategically. Check out our recent blog of stunning pool lighting ideas for your pool for inspiration. 

Install water features

Water features are another important element to consider when you install & decorate your indoor pool. Not only are they a beautiful addition, but kids will love them too! There are plenty of options to choose from to bring your pool’s vibe to the next level from rocky fountains to modern waterfalls. Don’t miss our blog on pool water feature ideas to create the ultimate oasis for a few visual ideas. 

Invest in an automated pool cover

A common misconception is that you don’t need a pool cover for an indoor pool because you don’t have to worry about leaves and other debris falling in. However, if you have children or pets, it is a huge safety precaution. Automated pool covers can actually hold people’s weight on top of it, so you won’t have to worry about someone falling in. 


Plus, you can save money! When it starts to cool off outside and you turn on your pool’s heat, keeping a cover on while it’s not in use will keep it insulated and ready for the next time you want to hop in. 

Creative a cohesive theme

Designing any new home addition is exciting and it can be hard to choose just one theme when they all look so great! While you can mix and match to your liking, creating an overall cohesive theme is best. If you build a minimalistic modern pool and then decorate with lots of boho patterns, it might not end up how you expected. Plus, if you plan on selling your home at any point buyers will want something that “goes” with the rest of the home. 


Another huge mistake people make when they decorate an indoor pool is overwhelming the space. Remember that you’ll want room to lounge around and for family and friends to be able to move in. If you need some help, check out House Beautiful’s slideshow of striking indoor swimming pool designs

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