Custom Fire Pit Installation in Kansas City

Fire pits are quite the trend…We guess you could say they’ve never been hotter? Contact York Companies for custom fire pit installation in Kansas City!

outdoor fire pits in leawoodEveryone in Kansas City wants a backyard fire pit these days. At York Companies, we agree that a fire pit is the perfect place to gather and relax on a spring, summer, or fall evening. While many homeowners are attempting to build their own backyard fire pits, we highly recommend you do not attempt this project yourself. If DIYers don’t measure properly, or don’t use fire-safe materials, elements in the fire pit could expand when heated and potentially explode. Keep your family and friends safe by hiring York Companies for your custom fire pit installation in Kansas City.

York Companies is known for providing excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship. With a custom fire pit installation in Kansas City, you can have a fire pit that is unique to you! Consider comfortable seating, storage, even marshmallow spear holders! With York Companies, the sky is the limit. Click here for a free, no-hassle quote.