Custom Inground Pools in Kansas City

Custom Inground Pools in Kansas City

Are you looking for custom inground pools in Kansas City?

Pools by York are the experts to call if you’re thinking about custom inground pools in Kansas City. Here at York, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our homeowners’  wishes and visions for their new outdoor living space. We get it. As avid outdoorsmen ourselves, the York Companies team is passionate about maximizing the potential benefits of an outdoor living space for families in Kansas City.

Begin with a free consultation facilitated by a York professional contractor.  Once we have the parameters of your project we can dive into the design process. Our consulting services will generate project layouts and plans crucial to determining timelines. Maintaining a plan enables Pools by York to create a budget-friendly, custom inground pools in Kansas City. An outdoor living space of your dreams.

The best part?? A stress free pool installation.

You’ve already made it through the heavy lifting on your part of the project, the design! Therefore, take a step back and let us take care of the installation. Pools by York will take care of all required acquisition of materials. Our professional installation crew will ensure your project is completed according to project timeline and plan. Pools By York’s first priority is to make sure every detail is attended to in order to build a space you and your family can enjoy for ages to come.

Even better, accurate and stress free pool installation!

York Companies implements a new tool into our accurate pool installation process – the ZIPLEVEL®  

This is the latest technology utilized by York to ensure our clients’ pools are accurately installed from the very first step.  According to the manufacturer, the new dual range ZIPLEVEL can now detect the thickness of a sheet of paper with 0.005” (0.1 mm) internal precision for measurements never before possible. As you can see from the description, this level is highly accurate.  This is just one example of the extra steps Pools by York will take to create your perfect outdoor living area.

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