Why You Should Have a Custom Kitchen and Bath

When you are a homeowner, oftentimes you move into a house that has been tailored to someone else’s taste (and someone else’s decade for that matter). While it might be tempting to just redo finishes and not customize anything to save some money, our Kansas City contracting experts are here to explain why you should opt for a custom kitchen and bath. 

Your kitchen and bath should fit your lifestyle.

These two rooms work hard for you. They have to be stocked with appliances to help you complete a task, and a good kitchen and bathroom flows seamlessly with your routine. 

Maybe you looove to take baths but your bathroom only has a shower, or you aren’t much of a cook but your kitchen has double ovens. You shouldn’t live with an unnecessary feature you don’t want. And on the flip side, there are features you might love to have that are missing. 

Whatever your situation is, it’s a great idea to customize your kitchen and bathrooms to your lifestyle and how you use those spaces. You’d be surprised at the convenience features you can have in your home. Below are just a few ideas for a custom kitchen and bath. 

Common Kitchen Customizations

  • Hideaway trash and recycling bins
  • Soft close cabinets
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Built in cabinet organizers 
  • Charging drawers and USB outlets
  • Kitchen pot faucet

Common Bathroom Customizations

  • Standalone bathtubs
  • Heated floors
  • High tech toilets
  • Storage solutions
  • Built in sauna
  • Built in vanity

Other Features for Both

  • Built in Speakers
  • Custom outlet locations
  • Light dimmer switches
  • Custom lighting
  • Touchless faucets


You can browse online sites to get more ideas for your custom kitchen and bath renovation project, like Pinterest!

If you need help with completing your custom kitchen or bathroom project you can count on us at York Companies. Try out our free contracting quote tool or contact us today to learn more about working with us.